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Export company representative
Marie-Laure Edard
Fonction : Manager


About us ?

Founded in 1902, our firm has perpetuated and developed its known-how in mechanical construction. Manufacturers of free-wheel for industrial use, articles for hardware business and hand-tools, in 1993 the A. Ledin company integrated and modernized the manufacturing of the compasses “La Cible”. Tradition and mastership of new technologies allow us in presenting you today our complete range of compasses for tracing and measuring. On each step of the manufacturing process, our articles are checked rigorously in order to guarantee the maximum quality. Our permanent aim is to bring you always the best service and to be able to certify the precision and the reliability of our compasses. Thanks to its innovating mind, the A. Ledin company will be able to answer your request for your complete satisfaction.  


Our products

Caliper (spring compass and hinged compass)
Automatic binder
Ratchet wrench
Equipment for radiators (supports, shelves, evaporators)


Product pictures