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Export company representative
Nelly Pillard
Fonction : Export sales manager


About us ?

French Manufacturer of CHALK LINE, TRACING POWDER and HAND TOOLS,  for more than 35 years.
100% integrated production from plastic injections to printings
Innovation - integrated R&D
Products Design.
• Design, mould fabrication and maintenance.
• Powder and colour composition, pigments, coating for decoration, painting...
• customization on demand even for small productions.
• 80 % of our products are personalized with our client’s
• A worldwide market
DEFI carries out 65% of its turnover on the


Our products

CHALK LINE REELS: around 40 models in metal or plastic meet these different jobs in Construction sector. There are several qualities or length of cords, short, standard and big capacities for chalk powder depending on a indoor or outdoor tracing (road, foundations …).
MARKING CHALK POWDER: a large choice of colours : Blue, red, yellow, white, black, neon green, neon orange. Different qualities depending on the sector of tracing: Do-it-Yourself shops, Building sector for Professials.
PENCILS, CRAYONS, MARKERS: Additional products of our range, we offer professional Pencils (red, green 30cm or Multigraph) ; Crayons of chalk; French chalk for metal, Markers and liquid paint marker on metal.


Product pictures