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Séverine Bois
Fonction : Sales manager


About us ?

As a manufacturer of quality tools dedicated to professionals, GUILLET is acting in concrete drilling (drill bits, core bits, drilling heads, chisels, bushes, plug drills), in stone and granite working (masonry, bushing, engraving, carving) and in special chisels for specific industrial needs. Huge stock programme, manufacturing on request…  


Our products

Concrete drill bits, concrete core bits, modular solutions for high drilling depths, plug drills, cross bits, points, chisels, bouchardes, carbide toothed chisels for joints’ cleaning out...
Pitchers, punches, claws, masonry chisels, engraving chisels, hammers, bushing bits, cutters for splitting machines, sculpting tools...
Chisels and derivatives for moulded parts’ trimming or for furnaces’ cleaning out in foundries


Product pictures