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Alain CAMARCA / President
"Export together" is the key phrase of our association.
Outilex has been bringing together French SMEs in the tools and fittings manufacturing business for more than 20 years.

These companies, with an abundance of know-how, pool their skills in the area of exports in order to effectively gain a foothold in foreign markets.

Strong values of quality and friendliness unite them and enable them to move forward.

Cost sharing, market studies, joint prospecting, sharing customer or prospect contact details and country databases are tools at members’ disposal to help their commercial development in export markets. Collective participation in major international trade fairs raises the profile of the association and all its members throughout the world and thereby provides development prospects for all sizes of company.

The constant growth in all members’ export turnover bears witness to the success of the policy implemented and compels us to develop even further and expand our comprehensive range of products and services by welcoming new members.


Who are we ?

The Outilex Exporters’ Group is made up of tool and equipment manufacturers who have pooled their marketing resources and drawn up a set of common values based on the quality, user-friendliness and excellence of French industry. They have signed up to a charter of respect for quality, and the following general principles :

- to follow through on their commitments over the long term

- to exercise full control over their design, manufacture and distribution processes

- to target professional markets with manufacturing processes that adhere to quality standards

- to maintain corporate headquarters in France.

Manufacturing adapted to modern markets

  • Industrial products
  • Products for the car industry
  • Products for the construction industry
  • Hardware products
  • DIY and gardening products
  • Tools

Manufacturing expertise

Outilex has production sites throughout France. Its research, innovation and certification procedures meet the most stringent European security standards. The design of its members’ products takes account of the latest developments in markets around Europe and the rest of the world.


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